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Los servos Dynamixel AX-12A son actuadores inteligentes especialmente diseñados para aplicaciones de robótica. Cada servo contiene un microcontrolador...

MXN$200.00 (IVA incluido)
AX-12A Gear Set NOTICE This is NOT compatible with AX-12+ or AX-18F, because the gear shape is different from former AX-12+/AX-18F Gear...
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MXN$700.00 (IVA incluido)
[902-0087-000] DYNAMIXEL XL-320 Caution : Recommended for use with OpenCM9.04 controller. (not compatible with CM-100, CM-100A, CM-150, CM-200 ■...
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MXN$640.00 (IVA incluido)
The PhantomX Parallel AX-12 Gripper is a simple and easy-to-build solution for roboticists looking to pick up small objects. The Parallel AX-12 Gripper is a...
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MXN$3,025.00 (IVA incluido)
DYNAMIXEL AX-18A. AX-18A is a new version of the AX-18F with the same performance but more advanced external design. - AX-18A is a high...

MXN$255.00 MXN$200.00 (IVA incluido)
Bearing Set for Dynamixel RX-64. It includes: • Horn Idle: 1 pc • MF128ZZ Bearing: 1 pc • Cap Bearing: 1 pc • Wrench Bolt (M2.5*4): 8 pcs...
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MXN$1,430.00 (IVA incluido)
The AX-12W servo actuator from Robotis is a wheeled variant of the popular AX-12A. Essentially this servo is an AX-12A with a lower gear ratio so...
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MXN$90.00 (IVA incluido)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Extends the ports with 6 X 3P connectors Power supply is the same as with the Dynamixel and controller *** Not compatible with...
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MXN$540.00 MXN$430.00 (IVA incluido)
FR07-H101K Set Description Qty Frame FR07-H101K (Black) 1 Horn Idle HN07-I101 1...
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MXN$100.00 (IVA incluido)
The 6 Port AX/MX Power Hub is a must have accessory for any DYNAMIXEL user. This little board is a Bioloid 6 Port Hub and a SMPS adaptor all in one! The...
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MXN$345.00 MXN$275.00 (IVA incluido)
  This is the Robotis Horn Set for Dynamixel RX-64. It includes: • Thrust Horn: 1 set • Wrench Bolt (M3*8): 1 set • Wrench Bolt...
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MXN$310.00 MXN$240.00 (IVA incluido)
  The Robotis  OF-64S Back Frame Component (RX Series) is applicable to RX-64 Dynamixel.   It includes:  - OF-64S : 1 set  -...
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