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SRF485 Sensor ultrasonico

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The SRF485 is a single transducer ultrasonic ranger, based on our original SRF02 design. The SRF485 uses the RS485 standard for communications, for up to 127 modules on each RS485 bus. The SRF485 features an on-board 5v power regulator which can be supplied from 8vdc to 14vdc. Both power and RS485 signals are supplied to the module via a 10pin IDC connector, making cabling a large number of modules very easy. The Range of the SRF485 is 30cm to 5meters.

The SRF485 is suitable for use whenever a large number of sonar's are required.
This sonar has 3 user programmable Led indicator outputs available.

Voltage - 8v to 14v, 12v nominal.
Current - 10mA
Frequency - 40KHz
Range - 30cm to 500cm
Connection - Standard RS485 Bus
Up to 127 SRF485's connected to your controller.
Units - Range reported in uS, cm or inches.
Temperature Compensation -30 to +50 centigrade

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