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Modulo VmodCAM

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Two independent Aptina MT9D112 2-megapixel CMOS digital image sensors 1600x1200 maximum resolution at 15 FPS 63mm inter-camera spacing (stereo baseline) 10-bit raw color depth I2C control bus Bayer, RGB, YCrCb output formats Automatic exposure, gain, and white balance Powerful image correction algorithms Image scaling Output FIFO 68-pin female VHDCI connector

The VmodCAM board provides digital imaging capabilities for any Digilent FPGA system board with a VHDCI connector. It features two Aptina MT9D112 2-megapixel CMOS digital image sensors. The sensors can provide frame rates from 15 FPS upwards, depending on the resolution.

Its system-on-a-chip design integrates an image flow processor and enables selectable output formats, scaling, and special effects. The integrated PLL (phase-locked loop) and microprocessor offer a flexible serial control interface. The output data is sent on a parallel bus in processed YCrCb, RGB, or raw Bayer formats.

The two MT9D112 cameras can be controlled independently and can acquire two separate, simultaneous image feeds. They are controlled by a two-wire interface. Each camera has a 2 megapixel color sensor array in Bayer color filter arrangement. The sensor readout is 10-bit and supports skipping or binning rows/columns.

NOTE: To connect to a system board, this product requires a male-to-male VHDCI cable, which is not included. When you add a VmodCAM to your cart, you'll have the option of bundling one of these cables at a discount.

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