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The Digilent PmodCMPS features the popular Honeywell HMC5883L 3-axis digital compass and can add
compass heading readings to any Digilent host board with an I2
C interface.
Pmod CMPS Features Include:
• I2C communication interface with daisy chain connectors
• ±8 gauss field detection
• external header for access to DRDY (data ready) pin
• optional pull-up resistors for SCL and SDA pins
• 160 Hz maximum data output rate
Functional Description
The PmodCMPS can be configured to run in single
measurement or continuous measurement mode. Each
mode has different maximum output rates. The magnetic
field measured on each axis is represented as a signed 16-bit
word with the five most significant bits being the sign bits.
There are two eight bit registers for each axis. Once one data register is read, the other five data registers must
be read before any new data can be written to those registers.
The internal address pointer automatically increments when a register is successfully read from. Once the
address pointer is incremented past 0x09, it will roll over to 0x03, which represents the first axis output data