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Pmod CLP

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Character LCD, parallel interface.

Connector(s): One 6x2 pin header and one 6 pin header.

The PmodCLP is a 16x2 character LCD module that uses two Pmod connectors to present a 3.3V, 8-bit parallel data interface to system boards. It is based on a Sunlike LCD panel that uses a Samsung KS0066 (or equivalent) LCD controller. The module can be attached to any number of Digilent system boards to create a character LCD subsystem.

NOTE: Revision A of the PmodCLP requires 5V for proper operation. This requires that the Pmod Headers used on the Digilent System board be set to 5V0 and not 3V3. All other Revisions utilize 3V3.

-16x2 character display

-Parallel data interface

-Simple terminal like display interface

-Measures 3.3" x 2.3"

-Ships with a 6" 6-pin cable, a 6" 2x6-pin to dual 6-pin cable, and appropriate headers

PmodCLP Reference Manual

PmodCLP reference design