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Controlador ArbotiX-M

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Para programarse requiere un cable FTDI - USB.

The ArbotiX-M Robocontroller is at the heart of every Interbotix Robot. This versatile robot controller is an advanced control solution for BIOLOID and DYNAMIXEL based actuators. As an Arduino compatible microcontroller the Arbotix Robocontroller also benefits from a huge open source community of libraries and examples. Since its release in 2010 the Arbotix has quickly become a favorite among builders worldwide from hobby to high level research.

The ArbotiX robocontroller is an advanced control solution for AX/MX/RX/EX DYNAMIXEL servos and BIOLOID Based robots. It incorporates a powerful AVR microcontroller, XBEE socket (XBEE sold separately, not compatible with PRO series), dual motor drivers, and 3-pin servo-style headers for digital and analog I/O.

As an Arduino compatible board, the ArbotiX can be used with the Arduino IDE. We've also released an open source library and sample programs to help with controlling DYNAMIXEL AX/MX/RX/EX servos. You can find detailed information on setting up the ArboitX here.

  • 16MHz AVR microcontroller (ATMEGA644p).
  • 2 serial ports, 1 dedicated to Bioloid servo controller, the other to the XBEE radio/FTDI programming
  • 3 TTL DYNAMIXEL 3-pin style ports onboard, plug your TTL AX/MX DYNAMIXEL servos directly in!
  • 28 Digital I/O, 8 of which can also function as analog inputs
  • Servo style 3-pin headers (gnd, vcc, signal) on all 28 I/O pins
  • XBEE socket. XBEE radios sold separately, not compatible with PRO series.
  • For programming this board requires a FTDI cable, we recommend the Sparkfun FTDI - USB Cable.

The ArbotiX hardware and firmware support a variety of DYNAMIXEL servos.

Note: The ArbotiX Robocontroller is not intended to be a drop-in replacement for a ROBOTIS CM-5, CM-500, CM-530 or theCM-700. Rather it is intended as a high level development tool for building more sophisticated robots.

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