Kit inicio con UNO R3 Generico

(IVA incluido)

Kit inicio con UNO R3.


1 x Arduino UNO R3 board
1 x Prototype shield with minibreadboard
1 x 830 points breadboard
1 x Components minibox
1 x Active buzzer
1 x Passive buzzer
4 x Push button switch 12x12
4 x Switch caps round
2 x SW-520D ball switch
3 x Photoresistor
1 x 10K Potentiometer
1 x Flame sensor
1 x Infrared receiver
1 x LM35 temperature sensor
1 x USB cable
1 x 9v battery clip with connector
1 x 9v Battery
1 x IR mini remote control
1 x 1602 LCD module
1 x SG90 9G servo
1 x 5V stepper motor + ULN2003 driver board
1 x 74HC595
1 x 8x8 DOT MATRIX
1 x One Digit 7 Segment Display
1 x Four Digit 7 Segment Display
1 x 40 Pin 2.54mm Single Row Pin Header Strip
10 x LED red
10 x LED yellow
10 x LED green
10 x Resistance 220R
10 x Resistance 1K
10 x Resistance 10K
1 x 25pcs male to male jumper wire
1 x 10pcs male-female Dupont cable

Nota: Los colores de algunos componentes pueden variar.